Monday, April 23, 2012


Thats right folks, Straight from the 1978 TV movie based on Marvel Comics, Sorcerer Supreme, and starring Peter Hooten, comes McKenzie McKustoms latest labor of love, Doctor Strange! The good Doctor is constructed on a type 2 repr o body, featuring a cape from a Paco Wrestling figure, a CTVT bodysuit i modified to resemble the final costume Hooten wears in the film with a few exceptions...No Disco slacks!! Instead, I made the costume all one piece like his comic book costume. the costume is adorned with his Captain Marvel style chest logo, i made with a white clothing repair patch, gauntlets, and his belt with hand sculpted belt buckle i made using Apoxie Sculpt. the head is from a CTVT Space 1999 figure I thought resembled Hooten, i just gave him blue eyes and added the porn stache. There you have it guys! I hope you enjoy :)

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